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Most companies we work with have the same complaints about corporate events:

“The team didn’t move forward or learn enough during the last training.”
“It was so much work to put together for so little reward!”

Sound familiar? We know it takes a lot of work, time and effort to put on a corporate retreat or company team training and we want to make sure it is worth it.

Almost never do we think about body language and studies have found that it entails the majority of communication; if you want me to teach and inspire your group to make crucial impact and captivate to achieve better results in sales, negotiations, pitching, phone calls, confidence, and high performance; I will tailor content based on your specific goals with fun, tactical and actionable strategies that can be used right away.

Do you know the science of nonverbal communication?
Nonverbally Speaking will train your group on how to use body language to communicate, influence and connect with others in the professional environment. Body language science can also help understand how to decode emotions, uncover truth and increase the accuracy of communication. Participants will be able to use these tips both inside and outside the office. This science-based talk will be energizing, entertaining and actionable.


See some topic options below:

Corporate Retreats


Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Negotiations
Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Supercharge your Sales Team

Supercharge your Sales Team

Make Lasting First Impressions

Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Make Lasting First Impressions
Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Deception Detection Training

Deception Detection


Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Presence Training and Charisma
Nonverbally Speaking Retreats, Nonverbal Pitching Training, Science of a Handshake


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