Lawyers and politicians

You and your client will send the right message

To be effective in communication we need to be congruent with our body language cues and our words. This includes yourself but also your client!

Human Resources

Guide, Inspire, Place

Whether you are choosing a candidate or coaching them to get their dream job, nonverbal communication will play a key role regarding First Impression and Presence levels.

Car Salesmen

They're buying you

We all know the theories, but are we agreeing with, and believing what we say? We rarely think about HOW to say something and focus on WHAT to say. Take your sales to another level by including nonverbal tactics into relationship building to close more deals


It's all about the First Impression

There's nothing like buying from someone who is genuine and willing to help you. First Impressions are lasting and permanent. Make sure you are a charismatic, trust-worthy realtor someone would love to buy from


Everything counts

In the business world, every move counts. The majority of our communication is non-verbal (60-93% based on context). When you are on the phone, giving a pitch, a hand shake, on an important negotiation, etc., make sure you are sending the correct nonverbal cues to be memorable and effective

Models and Actors

Guidance & Inspiration

Tapping into the emotions and sending a message in a way that's universal and genuine can avoid making you look like a joke of an actor... just saying

Dating Agencies

Empower your clients

If only we could know for sure when someone is attracted to us or how to actually send a message of interest to someone we like. Dating is not about looks, it's about availability cues... 

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