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Profile Pictures and Perceptions

Which of the pictures above would you choose as a profile picture if you were me?

Right answer, none. Although they are amazing pictures they may be sending messages of vulnerability, distrust, doubt...

"When viewing someone straight on we see them as more trustworthy, open-minded and sympathetic"

F. Karimov, University of Brussels

This is a body language "fronting"principle... but what is the science behind it?

As a survival mechanism our brain relaxes since we have a sense of trust by being able to interpret someone's facial expressions:

The angle in which a photo is taken can also send messages of vulnerability and power. That is why Fronting builds trust, as a survival mechanism out brain relaxes when we see people at an angle in which we can have eye contact.

Opposite scenario, as seen on the pictures below:

Now you have some tools to send messages of trust and power. When we are not engaged in fronting we are seen as untrustworthy, if viewed from above we are perceived as vulnerable, and if viewed from below, we are perceived as arrogant and tyrant.

Where can fronting knowledge be applied?

  • Annual Meetings

  • Business Meetings and Briefings

  • Debates and Press Conferences

  • Job Interview Preparation

  • Keynote Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Media Appearances

  • Negotiations

  • Pitches

  • Political Campaigns

  • Recruiting Processes

  • Sales Presentations


  • Toasts and Awards Ceremonies


The science agrees:

And the winner remains:

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Photos by Liz Lopez, Boston, MA


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